05 março 2010

It is about linguistic influence ...

Nigel Hetherington

Jamie was out one night at a club when one of his
Friends turned up wearing trainers, shoes that were
Outside of the Doorman's welcome guest code.

The doorman was 'doing his thing' and making sure this
Person was leaving without getting into the club when
Jamie intervened with one of his excellent

Sleight Of Mouth - Influence patterns.:

"I know the shoes are not negotiable ... BUT ...
What would have to happen in order for you
To let my friend in and join the party?"

This is absolutely brilliant, believe me!

Here's why!

1. The bouncers reality is paced and theyAre in control!

2. Jamie invites, through presupposition, the
Bouncer, to then evaluate their past history to
Find examples of when they eased 'their rules'
And / Or to make a decision ... which supports
Jamie's outcome ...

Try It! ... Brilliant use of language!

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